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UX Testing Lab

Understanding user experience

Facilitating a vast range of UX projects

The Human Lab is specifically designed for user testing. It is fully equipped with state of the art technology and in the perfect location, just 10 minutes’ walk from Temple Meads station in Bristol. The facility has a one-way mirror adjoining a viewing space and participant space and also hosts a large reception area used to greet participants. All three modern and airily rooms are hired together so you are guaranteed privacy during the entire day. Find out more about our studio here (link).


The insight you gain from conducting market research using the observing room in our UX testing lab is key to creating better services, products and websites or apps. Also, by being physically present, observing users behaviour and body language allows you to understand user experiences much more deeply.


You can use our purpose built, user testing facility for many different types of user testing UX projects, such as product testing (link), UI software testing (link) and studies where eye tracking (link) is required.


Distinct from other forms of user research, lab based testing helps you understand and empathise with your target audience. Customers interacting with products in this environment allows you to identify potential problems and opportunities at a very early stage in development.

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Lab usability testing benefits

Attending yourself or inviting clients to your testing sessions in a venue where all insights are being recorded brings huge benefits, such as:

  • gaining a first-hand in-depth understanding of users’ experiences

  • discovering issues and identify any potential problems with the design

  • Identifying improvements and opportunities

  • Helping you empathise with your customers

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If you have been searching for ‘focus group ux’, ‘ux testing lab hire’, ‘ux testing services, ux lab testing Bristol’ or ‘ux testing lab hire Bristol’ we are sure The Human Lab can provide a reassuring and professional space for various types of user testing ux. If you’d like to know more about The Human Lab’s UX testing services, please contact us today on 07565202760.

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