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Eye Tracking UX Research

Understanding behaviour participants themselves are not even aware of

State of the art eye tracking technology

The Human Lab has extensive experience in facilitating eye tracking UX research projects. Based in a central Bristol location, The Human Lab has been designed to support eye tracking market research with its state-of-the-art eye tracking technology.

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Benefits of Eye Tracking


The data that The Human Lab’s eye tracking device records reveals behaviour that would otherwise be invisible. This information can't be captured elsewhere as users often can't remember exactly what they looked at, in which order, and how long for.


By capturing eye tracking data, you can measure emotion, attention and gaze patterns of users and capture vast insights into user experience. Users eye behaviour uncovered by eye trackers provides valuable information, which can also be useful in other elements of user research. For example, if users have given focused visual attention to a particular element of a website but not taken the expected action, other testing methods can explore why.


The use of eye tracking software for research has been increasing for many years due to the benefits of being able to uncover behaviours that people are themselves unaware of. The eye tracking data and the use of eye tracking for user research can add valuable information to user experience projects. The eye tracking research method is often used alongside qualitative methods. By incorporating focus groups and face to face interviews into a UX research project, participants can articulate why they believe they behaved in a particular way which enriches the insights further.


Observing and recording behaviour in eye tracking marketing research can be key to creating successful marketing campaigns, product design and creating successful web pages. Aspects such as eye movement and pupil dilation along with user behaviour can highlight areas for improvement before launch.

The Human Lab Studio Services

The Human Lab uses high-spec eye tracking devices in UX research eye tracking projects to make sure all the information is captured accurately.


The Human Lab is run by Human Factors consultants so you can be reassured that experts are operating the equipment used for eye tracking research.


All user testing can be experienced in person via our one-way mirror adjoining the participant and viewing spaces and all sessions are recorded with the latest recording equipment.


As well as facilitating eye tracking studies, The Human Lab can also recruit test participants for user research, usability testing, qualitative research, UX research, focus groups and face to face interviews.

To find out more, call us on 07565202760 today!


If you have been searching software test labs UK, software testing lab Bristol, UI testing software, UI software testing Bristol, contact us today on 07565202760 to discuss your software testing process and the testing service support The Human Lab can offer.

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