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Usability and qualitative viewing facility

User Testing Lab in Bristol

A lab designed with user testing in mind

medical device testing at The Human Lab

The Human Lab is managed by Human Factors research group specialists. Because of this, we know what is needed to ensure your day runs smoothly.

At our fully equipped lab-based testing facility, our knowledgeable staff are available to help you with anything you need.

We have state-of-the-art technology enabling you to conduct market research on websites, apps, games, mobile technology, consumer products and medical devices, that can be set up to mimic different locations.

We facilitate many types of environmental setup


Our usability testing facilities are frequently used for the following environment setups:

Home simulation: 

Sofas, rugs, tables and chairs to simulate a sitting or dining room environment.


We can replicate a doctor’s (GP’s) office.

Operating Theatre:

The research labs can be set up with an operating table, surgical lights, surgical trolleys, IV poles and simulation dummies (available on request at an additional charge).


The flooring in the user experience testing lab can be changed to simulate gravel or grass should you wish to test ‘emergency’ or ‘on the go’ scenarios.

Traditional meeting room:

The usability lab can also be set up to simulate a traditional meeting room environment with space for up to 15 people, perfect for focus groups or one-to-one interviews.

Types of user testing we facilitate

Medical Device Testing

Develop safe, user-friendly, and effective products with research which informs product and instruction design.

Human Factors consultants, medical device manufacturers and pharma companies frequently conduct formative and summative testing sessions at The Human Lab.

From handheld medical devices such as inhalers and auto-injectors, to remote controls and new technology, our cameras and trackers let you monitor all interactions.

Mobile & Tablet Usability Testing

Assess the functionality and user experience of any mobile or tablet device by using fitted cameras to the device, as well as our high-definition in-room cameras for close and broader shots of the interaction.

Website and App Testing

Monitor, record and assess app and/or website user experience by tracking how a participant interacts and reacts to content, functionality, and design, using our picture-in-picture technology.

Eye Tracking

See what participants are responding to even if they are not consciously aware of it. Eye-tracking shows where a participant’s eyes are drawn to when looking at adverts, websites and apps, products, or another stimulus. Use this technology to get a better understanding of attention, emotion and gaze patterns. 

The perfect Usability UX lab

When you book our medical device testing lab in the southwest, let us know your goal for the day, and we will discuss how we fit your needs and let you get the most from your day.

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