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Range of Services

Client viewing

We have a fully equipped, comfortable, soundproofed observing room behind a one-way mirror for clients to view research and make design decisions privately.

Our user experience testing labs also have cameras, microphones and screen sharing ability, so clients or colleagues can attend and view the user research on large, high-quality monitors in our training space, allowing them to speak openly about the session without being overheard.


We have teamed with local recruitment partners to source test participants and users from your target audience (patients, healthcare professionals and healthy volunteers) from all over Bristol, Bath and South Wales for market research and other studies. Bristol is home to over 12 hospitals and specialist institutes from the Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol Eye Hospital, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre and the Bristol Heart Institute. Bristol has a vast socio-economic and culturally diverse pool of users. No matter your recruitment specification we can assist you to find the right users for your studies. Testimonial: “Nurses with diabetes experience were a spot on for the recruitment criteria specified. Also 9/10 showed up! No late dropouts just one cancellation with a lot of notice.”

Live web streaming

Secure live web streaming is available for colleagues and clients who would like to view it remotely. Our state-of-the-art training room facilities allow you to display multiple views in real-time so that no moment is missed.


Audio, camera views and device screen share are all recorded and supplied at the end of your user testing sessions, in either an MP4 or via the cloud.

our staff can source tech and other research services

Moderation and observation

At our user testing lab in Bristol, we can provide moderators and observers who are trained in formative and summative evaluations, focus groups and one-to-one interviews.


Save you time whilst you work on analysing the key data points by using our transcription service. As Human Factor research group specialists, we can transcribe your video footage either verbatim or edited (with comments pulled out as verbatim). 

Human factors project documentation

When you book a training room at our user testing lab, we can offer a full suite of Human Factors and usability services, including constructing all regulatory documentation required by IEC62366-1/2 and the FDA.


Our standard day training room hire in Bristol includes refreshments all day. We can also provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy healthy, ethically sourced food from our local suppliers. You can pre-select your food or choose on the day. 

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