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Market Research Viewing Facility

Experience qualitative research in real time

Perfect focus group and face to face interview venue

The Human Lab hosts qualitative market research, focus groups, face to face interviews and client viewing.


We can also conduct market research recruitment to ensure you have representative and reliable  market research respondents for your sessions.


One of very few local market research facilities centrally located in Bristol, The Human Lab is a beautiful venue designed for market research projects in any sector, such as healthcare market research, advertising, product design and social research.


The Human Lab is managed by Human Factors research group specialists who ensure the logistics run to plan, allowing you to focus purely on the insights.

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Research Services

Unlike other viewing facilities, The Human Lab offer the following additional services:


We have our own market research participant list and also work with other specialist agencies to provide the most relevant group of respondents.

Moderation and observation:

We use extremely experienced moderators to help participants feel comfortable and able to open up.

Video recording:

We record all audio, camera views and device screen shares so you don’t miss a thing on the day and can revisit the study at a future date.

Live web streaming:

Secure web streaming is available for collages or clients who are interested in remote research viewing.

Data collection:

We can provide transcription services following the event.

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Exclusive Hire


The Studio is hired exclusively and includes three spaces all in one location:

  • The reception area where our friendly and professional staff welcome participants. This can also be used as a breakout area throughout the day.

  • The participant space is the perfect room to conduct a focus group of up to 12 participants or face to face interviews. 

  • The viewing studio means clients are welcome to come and experience research live. Clients and researchers can also steer the moderators to delve deeper into specific areas of interest seamlessly through a microphone and earpiece whilst watching the event unfold. There is a one-way mirror adjoining the viewing theatre and participant space which allows research viewing for up to 5 people.

The Human Lan has a wide range of market research facilities and state-of-the-art technology, including eye tracking and the ability to simulate many different settings if required.

If you’ve been searching for market research facilities near me, market research facility Bristol or market research facilities in my area, we’re sure The Human Lab can help you gather the crucial insights that can be gained though market research.

The founder of The Human Lab is a member of the market research society, and The Human Lab follows the MRS code of conduct.

If you’d like to know more about The Human Lab’s market research services, please contact us today on 07565202760.

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