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UI Software Testing Lab

Gaining vast insight about websites, apps or software

Improving user experience

The Human Lab is a website, app and software testing lab in an easy to find central location in Bristol. By recruiting users and facilitating the software testing process in a clean, modern and fully equipped environment, The Human Lab allows you to gain as much insight as possible from your test plan.


When creating new or improving existing websites, apps or software, getting the UI elements right can result in the perfect synergy of functionality and aesthetics. This means an improved experience for the user which is key to its long-term success.

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What is a User Interface (UI)?


The user interface is typically the place where you enter instructions and/or see information that software provides via a screen. The type of UI most people are familiar with is a graphical user interface where visual features have been designed to help us interact with software and help us navigate different elements of it. These can be menu bars, toolbars, or buttons to click for example.


What is UI Testing?


User interface testing assesses and measures the overall functionality and performance of the visual elements of software in order to ensure it works as users expect and provides the best experience. UI is most effective when user actions are monitored to evaluate software performance, during product development but it can also be used for functional testing after release. Along with improving the user experience, UI testing software can detect defects or bugs.


There are many ways software UI testing can be conducted. For example automated UI testing software can be used and the use of eye tracking can be hugely beneficial in highlighting which visuals grab users’ attention. It is crucial that performance testing is conducted in an environment that offers quality assurance and hosts high quality facilities specifically designed for different levels of test research projects.

How can The Human Lab help?

The Human Lab is a leading test lab in software testing and can assist at every stage of the process. Our facilities, technology, and services include:

  • Cameras to fit onto devices to assess the functionality and user experience

  • High-definition in-room cameras for close and broader shots of the interaction

  • Picture-in-picture technology to monitor, record and assess app and/or website user experience

  • Eye tracking technology to see what participants are responding to even if they are not consciously aware of it

  • A one-way mirror and viewing gallery so you can experience the user testing results in real time without causing any disturbance to the study

  • Web streaming so colleagues can be part of the study

  • Session recordings to take away with you

  • Friendly and professional host staff to help make users feel at ease

  • Participant and user recruitment services

  • Highly professional and experienced moderators if required

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If you have been searching software test labs UK, software testing lab Bristol, UI testing software, UI software testing Bristol, contact us today on 07565202760 to discuss your software testing process and the testing service support The Human Lab can offer.

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