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Case Study

The Human Lab Facilitated Invaluable User Testing For Béa Fertility

Béa Fertility is launching a fertility treatment known as Intracervical Insemination (ICI) in 2023. 

When couples face difficulty conceiving, instead of travelling for miles and undergoing invasive medical procedures, Béa Fertility’s mission is to bring clinical-grade fertility care into the home. They are creating a ground-breaking and affordable fertility treatment that is simple, highly effective and puts the control and intimacy back into the hands of those starting their families.

To launch confidently with the best possible product and most effective fertility treatment, Béa Fertility has been working with Annmarie Nicolson, Head of Human Factors and User Research at We Are Human to conduct research and user testing. Together they have been seeking insight from users covering broad topics and very specific feedback to help refine their pioneering and high quality product.

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Annmarie knows that obtaining the most valuable real world insight from a group of people in the right environment is integral to product design. She recommended The Human Lab to provide the right facility in which to conduct these pivotal studies. Because The Human Lab is run by Human Factors Consultants, she is confident they understand all that is needed to ensure research goes to plan and without any hiccups.

By working with The Human Lab in early 2022, Béa Fertility and We Are Human were able to identify product changes that would lead to an improved user experience. These changes have been incorporated into the design over the summer of 2022 and retested at The Human Lab with the end users. Due to the successful implementation and user testing, Béa Fertility and We Are Human believe this will be the key to their success and instrumental in helping families conceived in future.

Tiia Meuronen from Béa Fertility said "Overall, I am extremely pleased with the venue. We will most certainly be coming back to the venue for future studies. The space worked really well for the study and being able to bring colleagues to observe was a huge bonus, overall the viewing room was top notch!”

Both Tiia and Annmarie are looking forward to using The Human Lab again and would recommend the venue extremely highly.

The Human Lab is a beautiful user test lab, complete with a one-way mirror, viewing theatre and all the technology and resources required to record vital information. Often used for medical device reliability testing, refining the development of medical equipment and medical device software testing, organisations use the facility to test systems and products’ usability.

Comprising a participant room, (also used as a small training room or a private room for meeting others), a conference room (also used as a large reception area) and a viewing room, the entire facility is hired exclusively. Hosted by friendly and highly trained professional that can guide researchers through how to use the facility to its best potential, respondents and clients feel comfortable and supported throughout.

“The fact that we all felt in safe hands, could rely on the video equipment to function perfectly and were able to observe in a way which was nonintrusive meant we gained valuable insights”

​Annmarie - We Are Human

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