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Product Testing Lab

Uncover improvements and ensure your products are fit for market

Creating the ideal setting to understand your customers

Irrespective of the test method you are using, The Human Lab can ensure that your products are tested in an environment which is designed to capture the most subtle and most valuable insights from users.

Based in a central location in Bristol, The Human Lab is the perfect product testing lab for any stage of your user and consumer product testing projects.

The Human Lab is an extremely creative environment with lots of light and airy spaces. We can also provide highly skilled moderators to boost creativity for the initial idea generation stages of product development. Once prototypes and products are available to test, you can make use of our observation room and state of the art technology to ensure you capture valuable insights for improvements.

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How can The Human Lab help?

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The Human Lab’s testing services can support you throughout the entire product development process by facilitating the following:

  • Idea generation workshops

  • Idea screening sessions

  • Market entry conceptualization sessions

  • Concept development sessions

  • User testing

  • Market testing sessions

  • Feature developments and improvements

  • Monitoring and evaluating product success

Whether you are developing a product from the initial concept, refining product features or making ongoing improvements, user testing is key to improving your customers experiences.


The insights gleaned from using our highly specialist space, technology and equipment are vital in determining a product's viability in the marketplace and gathering information about consumers’ potential consumption and usage behaviour.

By viewing any stage of the product development process through our one-way mirror, you will gain a closer understanding of products from the users point of view. You can also guide moderators through a microphone and headset to pinpoint the exact feedback you require and uncover any potential problems at a very early stage. All sessions are recorded and sent to you following the sessions so you don’t miss a thing and can revisit them for reference.

The lab can be used to test a range of consumer products in a wide range of sectors, including business to business, consumer goods and even juvenile product.


When choosing a lab to test products, you need to be reassured of quality and safety, and that industry standards are met, as there can be many regulatory requirements. The Human Lab is run by Human Factors consultants, so you’ll have quality assurance and know you are in safe hands. Their expertise means you’ll have everything you need your sessions go to plan.

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